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Early Intervention


The epidemic of vaping, cannabis, alcohol and other substance abuse in child and adolescent populations continues to expand. Youth are being impacted earlier and the intensity of their substance abuse is greater than in the past. 

For just nicotine alone, over 4.5 million teens and younger children in the US use nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars, vaporized nicotine/e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, hookahs or other forms.


With 3,000 new teens starting nicotine use per day, the population of children using tobacco products is growing at a very fast rate. One third of these children will eventually die prematurely from smoking related disease. 

Teen Girl Looking At Sunrise Across Ocea

Beyond nicotine dependency, smoking often results is abuse of other addictive substances such as cannabis, spice (synthetic cannabinoids), Flakka--a type of stimulant similar to methamphetamine and cocaine--and even hallucinogens such as N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).


This “gateway” effect is more easily facilitated recently due to the availability of custom vapor cartridges that can easily be switched out for standard nicotine cartridges in e-cigarette/vaporizer devices. 

From a psychological and family perspective, the impact of vaping and other substance abuse is severely toxic. Lying and diversion of money as well as time taken away from academic pursuits and family time leads to degeneration of family relationships.


The danger of “going behind their parent’s back” can raise the excitement and thereby the frequency of this behavior that is so destructive to the family system.


Teens will experience internal conflicts between the idea of being “cool,” glamorous, sexy and grown-up and the expectations of their parents to be honest, not steal and to not use drugs. These processes collaborate to break down families and negatively impact the Youth’s self-perception.


Often what follows is higher rates and intensity of depression and anxiety symptoms which drives greater and greater substance abuse and greater and greater negative consequences.

Our program involves a comprehensive assessment, 6 weeks of monitoring and intervention for those dealing with a mild or moderate abuse problem.

Early interventions to stop use of substance of abuse by children and adolescents is effective, saves lives, heals families and reduces health problems related to substance abuse. Our program involves a multifaceted approach including comprehensive initial and on-going evaluations, drug screenings, individual and family therapy. 

Remission and sustained recovery can be achieved. We can help!

Click HERE to contact us for more information about the Early Intervention Program and pricing.

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