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We will determine if a Ketamine treatment is safe and effective for you.

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Depression impacts 300 million people worldwide. About 100 million people are treatment resistant.  Treatment resistant depression is a devastating medical condition that negatively impacts physical and mental well being and productivity.


In the US alone, estimated direct and indirect costs of depression total approximately $210 billion per year (APA).  However, the emotional cost of depression and suicide as well as the impact on families cannot be calculated.  

Ketamine has been used since the 1960s in anesthesia.  In 2000, it was revealed in human clinical studies that ketamine infusions could produce powerful and rapid antidepressant effects (Berman et al., 2000). 

After many further studies we have found multiple antidepressant effects of Ketamine and its metabolites.  One of the central mechanisms involves modulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDA-Rs) and enhanced production of Brain Derived Growth Factor (BDNF). 


In turn, BDNF enhances remodeling of neural pathways (i.e. neuroplasticity) leading to rapid and powerful antidepressant effects and reduction of suicidal ideations (Zanos et al, 2018).    


At Tampa Bay Psychiatry our Ketamine Program involves comprehensive evaluation and laboratory studies to determine if Ketamine treatment would be a safe and effective treatment option to reduce your depressive symptoms. Ketamine can be administered orally, via infusion, injection or intranasally.

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IV Ketamine Infusions

A series of 6 sessions are recommended. For new patients, the total cost is $2800 for all 6 infusions and the full evaluation to establish care with our clinic. For existing patients, the total cost is $2400.


Get better now! If you have previously tried antidepressant but continue to have depressive symptoms or you are suffering with suicidal thoughts please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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