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General Psychiatry Services

We provide a full complement of psychiatric services for one monthly fee.


Psychiatric Services

The structure of our practice facilitates more communication between doctors and patients, leading to better medical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Office visits, tele-psychiatry, phone calls, emails, text messages, medication refills, and paperwork are all included in one monthly fee.


Medication Management


We have over 10 years of specialty training and expertise with all psychiatric medications including: antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anxiolytics, clozapine, and antipsychotics (neuroleptics).





Find out if psychiatric treatment is right for you.  You will not be pushed to take medications, as we will only offer you our expert opinion.

Second Opinions


We are happy to see clients who are prescribed psychiatric medications by another provider to offer a second opinion. 

Medication Management for Clients in Psychotherapy


Studies have shown that a combination of psychotherapy and medication treatment is the best option for most mental health problems.  However, there is a lack of communication in the mental health field between psychotherapy providers, and psychiatrists who prescribe medication. 


Our practice is different.  Your psychotherapist will receive a copy of your evaluation (with your permission); communication with your psychotherapist will occur after each visit; specialized training in psychotherapy allows us to communicate more effectively about your care.

Fees and Pricing



Accepting patients ages 16-65, and only accepting 2 child and adolescent patients per month at this


time. (Ages 15 and Under)


If we determine the patient would benefit from a higher level of care, we will provide a referral to another clinic or provider who we feel might be a better fit.

  • $399 for all Adult and Child/Adolescents hour long evaluations. (Fee covers the evaluation as well as the 30 days following the appointment).

  • $175 per month for Adolescents (Ages 17 and younger) for the full compliment of psychiatric services.

  • $115 per month for Adults for the full complement of psychiatric services.

Due to the structure of our practice, we are not able to provide any billing codes or itemized receipts for insurance reimbursement as we are not in network with any insurance and do not follow their guidelines required for reimbursement.

Billing Agreement


Patients pay an initial evaluation fee after completing a 30-Minute consultation entitling them to 30 days of psychiatric services.


At the end of the 30 day period they will pay a $115 monthly fee for adults and $175 for children, which can be canceled at any time without penalty.  Following cancellation, your psychiatrist will remain available for urgent needs for up to 90 days to allow time to find alternative treatment.  


We will encourage adherence to standard of care medical practices in regards to frequency of contact and in office visits.

***We are not able to see patients actively enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid***


Cancellation Policy

For both adult and child/adolescent evaluations, a $399 is charged on the day we schedule your full hour long evaluation with the doctor.

You may cancel the appointment 48 hours prior to the scheduled evaluation for a full refund. If an evaluation is cancelled with only 24 hours notice we will provide a partial refund of $199. If the appointment is missed without notice, and the patient is a 'no-show', the full deposit is kept.

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